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Windows Class, Reusable

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Long Version: I''m currently working through "OpenGL Game Programming", which is a great book[Though, it took me a couple of tries to understand how you were storing your vectors]. But, I''ve decided to write some simple things, like "quake" style 1st person camera, and a 3rd person camera, that could be changed with the click of a button. As simple as it sounds, I''m almost done the actual coding of the classes, but need a framework to test them in. So I break open VC++, and get to work. Power goes out. Try again, computer freezes. So I took this as a sign from god, and decided instead of winging it, I should get an Idea of what exactly I wanted this class to do. So I come to the boards, with my hat in my hands, Short Version: What do you think should be in a reusable windows class? Thanks

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