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Splitting a buffer of data into sections...

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Hello. First, I’d like to point out that I am reposting this question in the General Programming forum (previously posted in the Multiplayer and Networking section) as I did not reach a solution and do not believe the issue is networking-specific (would have been faster to post here in the first place). For those that wish to view the original post, it can be seen here. To put it plainly, I have a PBYTE buffer of data that I wish to split into two sections. I need to take the first piece of data in the buffer the size of DWORD and store it, then place the remaining data in another PBYTE. The first step is simple enough – it can be done with a single call to memcpy(). The second part has me puzzled – I need to memcpy() from an offset inside the buffer (ignore the first however many bytes (size of DWORD) and then start copying from there) – how is this done? It is worth noting that I do know the size of the whole data buffer. Here is what I have (pMsg->pReceiveData is the PBYTE buffer):
PBYE Data;
memcpy( &Id, pMsg->pReceiveData, sizeof(DWORD) );
memcpy( Data, SIZEOF(DWORD) INTO THE pMsg->pReceiveData, pMsg->pReceiveDataSize - sizeof(DWORD) );
//Need to ignore the first piece of data the size of DWORD and

//start copying from beyond that point

Any help would be great. Come to think of it, can I do: memcpy( Data, (pMsg->pReceiveData+sizeof(DWORD)), pMsg->pReceiveDataSize - sizeof(DWORD) ); ? Would that work? I’ve typed this now so I may as well post it . Thanks for your time.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
// Get data size seperate.
DWORD dwDataSize = pMsg->pReceiveDataSize - sizeof(DWORD);
// Allocate destination buffer for source data to be copied.
CHAR* pcDestination = new CHAR[dwDataSize];
// Get an offset into the source data section.
CHAR* pcSource = (CHAR*)(((CHAR*)pMsg->pReceiveData) + sizeof(DWORD));
// And that should do it.

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