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Visual Studio 6 Freezing?

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Hello, i know this isnt much of a direct programming question, but anyway im using visual studio 6, and for some reason every 2 - 4 times i build or execute my project it just holds on the building part at the end.... For the life of me i dont know why, its never done this before it only started happening recently and i havent changed any files to do with it.. its just annoying as i have to ALT CTRL DEL to get rid of it and then i sometimes lose some of the work ive done... anyone else had this problem?

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I''ve had this problem recently too, on one of my machines, about every 4th or 5th build it would seem to hang during the linking stage. I used to hit ctrl-alt-delete too, thinking it was hung, but later learned that it''s just stalled or something - waiting a minute or two will let it finish on its own. I haven''t figured out what''s doing it, but I wonder if the virus scanner has something to do with it....

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it happens to me when i hit compile and quickly hit cancell build. OR randomly when processing a certain file.

here is some stuff i learned:

when it freezes when compiling a file, immediatly hit CTRL+ALT_DEL then terminate cl.exe (i think this is the command line compiler.)

then clean your project and try again. That should fix it when it occurs.



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