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Collage based games?

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I like collages and wonder what ways we have to incorporate different forms of collage into our games. A collage is a picture made up by sticking and often overlapping lots of little bits of pictures, or sticking together items, and I am sure you are all familiar with photocollage posters. You can also make musical collages such as the music of Coldcut and many of the more interesting hip-hop turntablists. These artists use little samples of records and altering / blending them and ''stick'' them together, and combine them in a sequence to make new music. I''m not sure how we can incorporate collage into games except in the visual / audio sense. Do games have specific recognisable elements that can be used? Well, on one level you could combine iconic images from various games (copywrite permitting) such as Sonic and Mario etc.. likewise, you can borrow distinctive bits of gameplay such as racing sections, bat and ball games. For example you could have a character that has to avoid enemies in a maze while eating dots (ie. Pac Man) but then having to race to safety when the time is up (a sort of racing game), then having a shoot''em up element. Games such as Bishi Bashi Special give you lots of little mini games to play *some* of which rehash other ideas with an original coat of paint: ie. you can have games that play very similarly, but have different ''themes'' ie. fast-food based, Western themed, horror themed. On a different level I suppose you can make games where the idea is to make a specific image (or overall impression) from combining various elements. Ie. A collage puzzle game where you have to recreate a picture by overlapping tiles.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I also thought that there could be a music based quiz, where you put a cd in the machine and it selects several samples from a random song on the CD and asks you to find the right order for them to be in.

(Not exactly a collage, but hey!)

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