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Using DXUtil_ConvertAnsiStringToWideCch()??

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Hi i need to use this function:
//----------------------------------------------------------------------------- // Name: DXUtil_ConvertAnsiStringToWideCch() // Desc: This is a UNICODE conversion utility to convert a CHAR string into a // WCHAR string. // cchDestChar is the size in TCHARs of wstrDestination. Be careful not to // pass in sizeof(strDest) //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
HRESULT DXUtil_ConvertAnsiStringToWideCch( WCHAR* wstrDestination, const CHAR* strSource, 
                                     int cchDestChar )
    if( wstrDestination==NULL || strSource==NULL || cchDestChar < 1 )
        return E_INVALIDARG;

    int nResult = MultiByteToWideChar( CP_ACP, 0, strSource, -1, 
                                       wstrDestination, cchDestChar );
    wstrDestination[cchDestChar-1] = 0;
    if( nResult == 0 )
        return E_FAIL;
    return S_OK;
But i am unsure on what to put as the size this is what i have so far got. LPCWSTR wFilename; string filename="a.mp3"; DXUtil_ConvertAnsiStringToWideCch(&wFilename,&filename.c_str(),???); so yeah what do i put in the ??? thanks,

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is it not listed in the help files / MSDN?

I''ve got a beta release of the SDK, so my docs aint perfect but I''ve been fairly happy with the SDK helpfiles before - they usually give a good idea of what each param is for.


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i couldnt find anything on my msdn cds,

now ive got another problem where it keeps crashing

LPWSTR wFilename;
string filename="a.mp3";

when i call this, it just gets an access violation and crashes.

What could be wrong with that?

[edited by - johnnyBravo on April 20, 2004 5:31:30 AM]

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As said in the other thread, use a WCHAR array, not a single WCHAR pointer.

WCHAR wFilename[260];

DXUtil_ConvertAnsiStringToWideCch(wFilename, filename.c_str(), 260);

And remove the & in front of filename.c_str().

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