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Im playing around with D3DXFont. I can get text to print and all but how do i print out the value of the variable. For example i have an variable: int points. How do i print out points using D3DXFont?

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you''ll need to construct the string of text that you want to print first of all... one way of doing this is using StringStream like this...

std::ostringstream s;
s << "Score: " << points << ''\n'';

font->DrawText(sprite, s.str().c_str(), -1, &position, align, color);

oh and you ''ll need to add #include <sstream> to your includes

Mrs Kensington

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I had a similar problem not too long ago. the biggest problem is converting your variable to a string. I think Mrs Kensington gave the same advice to me as she/he did to me, although i had some problems with it.

i cant remember exactly what was wrong, but i seem to remember getting a error saying DrawText doesnt take 6 parameters. This is how a did mine in the end:

char strng[600]; //initialise string (600 is far too big)
sprintf(strng, "ZPOS=%f YPOS=%f XPOS=%f", zpos, ypos, xpos);

the variables zpos, ypos and xpos, will be placed in the three %f''s respectively.

Other format specifiers:

%d is integer
%x is hexadecimal
%c is character
%g is double
%f is float

%5.2f means a 5 digit number with 2 decimal places

%6d means format the integer in a field of six significant figures.

and here is my actual code for drawtext:

sprintf(strng, "YRotation=%5f", fRotationY);
g_Font->DrawText(strng, 20, &FontPosition, DT_LEFT, 0xffffffff);

hope that helps if you were stuck.

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