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Engine Design

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Until now I have coded applications, examples to learn ... successfully, but now, I want to code an simple Engine, but my main problem is the design, the structure of the program, my programs are usually in plain C or in C++ doing some classes, templates but not strange things (awfull programs filled of extern,lot of functions and files ...). In theory I have clear the design, but not in practice (ex. I know that I have to do a Render module, a material/texture manager module, I/O files module ..., but I don''t know how to translate it to classes). thanks

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Its not that difficult, you just need to plan a little. Just yesterday I''ve rewritten my OpenGL Font Class (to display text on sreen) to have a BaseClass.
Then a TextureFont Class (the font that uses an image file) and the BitmapFont(the one that uses Windows font) inherits from the BaseClass Font.

Now when I need to print on screen using any font-system, I just pass the variable of the Font-type I''m using through the parameter and the functions executes that font-class''s Print method. A great OO design I must say.

You can implement it with just about any other system. I''ve thought of to create a Class that handles all the game time and make it a BaseClass.

If you know Classes, you''ll come up with something...
I hope I helped you a bit.

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