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Directplay: Peer goes without call Close

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Hi. Its me again. My question is: if a Peer i a p2p application using directplay, get out of the session without the correct closing sequence (lost of power, or something like this), i know that DP will take a little time to recognize that the peer is not in the session anymore. In games that uses Directplay p2p like Age of Empires when a peer disconnect from the net for example, are when the connection get worse, all other players got a window that take some time till the player is dropped. I think that this time is the time that DP takes till the drop is recognize. So my question is, how can i recognize that a player is about to be dropped. If im using asyn SendTo, and the message cannot be sent to a peer, should i admit that the peer lost connection? in other words (if somebody already played Age, when should i open the disconnection window?) hope that someone can understant this... thansk..

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