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Game Ideas and Storys

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I have a decent idea for a game. I''ve told my friends about it and all of them say. "Yeah I would love to play a game like that." Now I know ideas are a dime a dozen. But I really do have a story, and concepts that I think would make for some exciting gameplay. However I am unaware of what I should do with this knowledge other than just writing it down. Once I have it all mapped out then what? To be more specific: 1.) Is there something I can do to protect my stuff? (Like copywriting... etc) 2.) If I wanted to go to someone with an idea what should I have with me to persuade them that this is the best game ever, and I''ve put lots of thought into it? (Like Business Design docs... etc) 3.) What skills should I develop to be taken seriously among peers in the same fields? My background as of yet. I''ve gone to school for creative writing and math. I was an application programmer for 4 yrs. And love games. The whole reason I got into programming was to gain experience if I wanted to get into the game industry. I''ve done cheesy chess clones in 3D. (No AI yet unfortunately.) And other tools.... I made a Final Fantasy Tactics Map builder cause I couldnt get enough of that game. And I just wanted to see if I could create something that build the maps. I have experience with DirectX and OpenGL. Now that I feel confident with with my programming know how. I want to try something else. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.

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