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Any specific format to writing games

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Hi, I am currently writing a game. I would like to get it developed one day, but i was wondering if anyone can guide me as to how i can have a proper format to the game. Does anyone have any samples of previously scripted games. Thanks Life is a game.....Play it

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What kind of writing are you doing, exactly?

If you're talking about writing stories and/or scripts for games, I suggest you take a look at GameDev's "Writing and Story Development" resource category, found under "Articles & Resources". Here's a direct addy: http://gamedev.net/reference/list.asp?categoryid=63

If you're talking about the actual game design itself, including creative and technical aspects, then I suggest checking out the "General Game Design" section of the "Articles and Resources" area. Here's a direct addy:

I recommend reading "The Anatomy of a Design Document" by Tim Ryan (there are two parts to the article), and then downloading the "Design Document Templates" based on his article. You'll find them by following the above link into the General Game Design area, then scrolling down to the "Design Document" section.

Also, the article "Creating a Great Design Document" by Tzvi Freeman might give you some further insight into the design process. Here's the addy:

Now, you might need a gamasutra account for some of those, but trust me, the registration process is worth it.

If you're talking about programming type writing, I can't really help you there and I don't know any relevant articles from the top of my head, however I think there is a thread in the Interactive Tutorials category of these forums that can help.. and you'd also do well browsing in the programming related articles that gamedev has to offer.

Hope I've helped.

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