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Free game levels... somewhere?

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Salud, everyone. I really didnt know where to ask this, so it goes here... So, the thing is I''m needing some nice and game oriented levels to test my 3d system correctly... I am aware that creating a nice looking level takes time and that definitly is out of my reach... and, anyhow, one needs lots of creativity, wich is something i spend on coding (yep, one CAN be creative there ). I''m looking for some Quake3 & clones style maps, BUT in its raw form; that is, 3DS, MAX or whatever common modeling tool. The reason is, ofcourse, that i use my own special space partitioning hence i need to export the geometry from a 3D program/common format. Anyway, my search has got me to tons of q3a map sites but none to what i need... (and no, usual places for 3D models like turbosquid, 3dcafe (eeek), 3dtotal, etc DO NOT have anything usefull). Soooo, can anyone point me the right way? Thanks a lot

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