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Dynamic Cubemap problem with Right Hand system

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Hello, i have a little problem with generating correctly a dynamic cubemap. My engine is working with the right hand convention. When i use a static cubemap loaded from a prepared DDS file (cubemap with x/y/z faces colored to check the sampling), the texturing poses no problem. But when i try to render an "outer" scene with ID3DXRenderToEnvMap to a dynamic cubemap, the U coordinate is flipped. (but the rendering is correct) I am quite sure that this is related to the fact that i''m running with a right hand system. I use a similar approach than the SDK with D3DXMatrixLookAt.. etc..., but everything with the RH variant: I tried to mix with some LH approach with some corrections, but it''s worse. Has anybody encountered the same problem ? --------------------------------------------------------------- link to ID3DXRenderToEnvMap:

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