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mixing sounds

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When mixing sounds by altering their sampling rates, is there any serious penalty quality-wise if the mixing is done in software? Most applications leave mixing to the sound card, if only to save resources. However, simple linear interpolation: x = ((b - a) * i + a) - where ''i'' is the interpolation factor doesn''t really produce a normal quality output for me (I know Fruity Loops and several other similar programs use linear interpolation for realtime playback - as far as trackers go, at first there was the GUS and SB programming, now it''s simply about using n DSound buffers to do the job). I haven''t tried anything fancier, such as resampling using windowed sinc convolution. However, my aim is to mix everything in software and, while it''s not difficult to write a mixer, the sound quality is severely affected by noise. For resampling, I''m just keeping a floating point sample tracker, which is increased for every sample. The fractional part of this value becomes the interpolation factor. Anyway: to make a long story short - why is that when playing two hardware buffers with different playback frequencies, mixing is done properly, while software mixing as far as linear interpolation goes, produces really noisy output (well, at least for me)?

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