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Hi! I''m currently studing Computer Scince, my goal is to be a game programmer @ EA studios.. I''ve learned C++ by reading books and reading the tutorials on cprogramming.com.. I''ve made a Geometric calculator, and currently doing a kids'' program to learn multiplication operations.. What is the next step? I want to make graphical stuff, and games too

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Start developing a simple game, a Tetris clone for example (very popular for first game project).
It''ll teach you the basics of input handling, drawing and basic game state systems, and you can extend the project easily if you want to test some more advanced stuff like true 3d and music/sound systems.


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Oh! thank you very much!
wouldn''t it be difficult for you to teach me the whole thing?

why don''t you give me some links in order, so I can learn everything step by step?
just give me a step-by-step procedure "what to read", and I''ll do it!

I really appreciate your kindness and help!

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I meant that the project teaches you these things along the way

However, here are some pointers:

  • Learn how to get user input via keyboard. Simply write the input you got from the user into the screen to test your methods.
  • Pick a graphics API and learn how to draw rectangles, text and bitmaps using it. I recommend GDI first, as 2D graphics are relatively easy using it.
  • Think about the logic of the game, how to implement it in a machine (your computer). This is particularly good point in using Tetris as your reference - it''s functionality isn''t very difficult, but it does represent a good challenge for a beginner.
    This is also known as the initial design phase, and is probably the most important part of any game project, so do not dismiss it!
  • Get codin''
  • Test the game; if it performs as designed, be proud. If not, code some more, and test again until ready.

I left out art production and some other stuff, but for Tetris clone, they are not needed.

I''ll be glad to help you some more, if I only have some time from my business.
See my profile for my e-mail address -or- preferably post here in GDNet, where others can also help you.

Kind rgds,

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