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Rewarding the player

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I''m trying to look for many ways of rewarding the player in diferent ways, because I''m making a design of a game that has many type of gameplays together, althrough the interface is 3rd person view at all times. In the beginning it focuses on puzzle, then on fighting, later it focuses on discovery and knowledge of the world the game is in, and many other things. I want to reward the player with different things for each not like if you find a golden statue you sell it and get money.. but you can also gain money tought working and things like that, so I''m looking for ideas of anyway that a player could be rewarded that are unique to each type of goal. Note that this reward is for achieving things that you do not need to do to complete the game, but things along the lines of sidequest, minigames and such, because I''m planning to make plot advancement the reward of doing things necesary to finish the game. The more creative the ideas are the better! For fighting how should the player be rewarded? For correctly solving a puzzle? For finding a hidden treasure? Saving someone''s life? Doing a mission gaven by it''s God? Doing a mission that the devil wanted him to do? Saving the world? Helping a city grow economically? Doing the mian character''s job well? (You know like if he''s a guard he''s one hell of a guard) Making two shy person''s in love tell each other how they feel? Helping a ghost to rest? Saving a child of a really poor family? Being a pacifist? Doing the right thing, even if he has to betray the main character''s family and friends? Protecting the main character''s family and friends even if it''s not right? Saving a close friend of the main character from a permanent but non-fatal injury? Risking to open the door of a unexplored room when he can already see the exit, when it could be full of guards, or with good items, but he just can take one more hit before he dies? (okay that might be greed ) Facing two opponents at the same time? Daring to face one opponent that IS stronger than him, so his only chance is to outsmart him and he wins? Trying to beat over and over someone, in a friendly fight, and after the 34th time, finally do it? So far I know I can use: -Showing detailed, pretty and revealing cutscenes -Giving the player interesting information -Making his characters stronger stat wise -The feeling of doing the right thing(well with this I mean that the player feels as if he helped someone even tought they are just npcs) -Unlocking secret diferent areas with new things -Giving the player special items, techniques, magics or new moves -Getting a vehicle, a house or something big like that -Unlocking a minigame -To finish the unlocking stuff, just unlocking secrets in general -Having a brach in the plot -Excitement, suspense and other emotions -Making a certain npc change it''s behavior towards the player or generally -Change the world in a way that makes it prettier, more challenging, more interesing, or just something that makes it feel more alive -Customizing your character''s and their posessions -Using the excuse of giving the character wisdom, and change the gameplay in a way that gives the player better and more advanced but more control over his characters?(but not too much! and by that time he should be used to the old ways of controling things and might apreciate the increase in the control in exchange of a little more complexity) -Making the character or someone else do funny things -Giving the player the chance to fix something he screwed up before -Making the game in general slightly easier -Modifing the ending or cutscenes -Giving the player the choice to modificate the game''s world -Have a place where it says the name of the character and that he did something good If ya tought about that, I don''t feel like including optional characters as a reward.. And I don''t want to give punishment to the player for not achieving something. Since I plan to make the player get used to getting rewards, not getting a reward for doing something in the wrong way should be enough punishment. Now I''ll go to sleep, it''s 5 am and I think someone told me once humans needed to sleep. Good night.

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