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Pricing a game ? how and why ?

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Hello there. There are few games im working on right now, I relesed the beta versions to my friends, and they all become addicted to it, wanting more enemies, levels and weapons. So, I''ve thought, why wouldn''t I open a company ? It''ll be one who works over the net, selling and developing.... Now, I''ve been developing these games for about ~6 months, and I was wodnering how to set their price ? I thought of 6 U.S.D (United States Dollar) for each game I''ll relese from now on, including the ones im currently working on... How did I set this price, and why ? - Well, basicaly I think that selling a high quality games, very cheep, will bring more costumers, and when more costumers will come, more products will be saled. Another reason of me doing so, is because I''ve searched for same-type on-line companies, such as mine''s, and checking for their price of products, depending on the product type.... They are saling their games for about 20-25 U.S.D.... Tell me if I''m right\wrong, or if my line of thought is all wrong. Thanks in advance, Arie. veNa - Born to make games.

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Most of the shareware developers/self publishers have found that it is better to sell gaveas at the 19.99 price point than to sell at a price lower than that. If your game is cheap the customers think it must be worthless so they don''t buy it. Most people who raise their prices from $5 or $10 up to $19 find that sales increase.

Dan Marchant
Obscure Productions (
Game Development & Design consultant

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