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dating sim engine prove to be dinamic writing engine!

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well i was browsing as usual about topic of my interest (dinamic story and story generation) and found the facade project of the oz group, academics reseach that involve people in the academics which seek hardly about this. they made a theory about beleivable agent which is their main topic, as they beleive that these kind of agent that would produce interesting story, i have look up at the structure they provide in the facade project and amazingly recognize the same structure than dating sim engine (hap script)! since actually i''m participating at one of these project i can look up the code... however i beleive more in the overall dramatic structure (role of agent in that structure) that manage the flow of the story (even without complex ai but a simple writing assignation) i''m not talking of those pure visual novel one, but those which are half sim like tokimeki and princess maker 2 i replay them and everything became clear, the lack of these game is STRUCTURE. however their goal of those game are not to create story but to tell in a narrative sens a game with inspiration of shojo or narrative medium, it''s still heavily script but''s the writing that make the difference, the subtle setting of behaviour now i''m trying to adapt the dramatica theory on dinamic drama to ease the writing of such a game because what we really need is to know how to write this kind of story, what are the difference with script.... all the writing is about scripting event and scene that react to player''s choice and give behaviour to the agent useful link www.dramatica.com http://www.dramatica.com/downloads/dramatica_book.pdf http://www-2.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs.cmu.edu/project/oz/web/papers/CMU-CS-02-206.pdf http://renai.sourceforge.net/scene_interpreter.html actually i''m here in own reschearch drama within interactive : good pist dinamic story : good pist story generation : some problem with the encoding of semantics >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> be good be evil but do it WELL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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