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suggest a colorscheme

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Gold for the cuffs and things (anything metalic).

White for the drapes (Translucent is possible).

And a bright colour (eg: blue) for the main sections - depends it is supposed to fit in with a storyline where the particular owner/race/or whatever has a usual colour.

Looks cool though.

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Wow, that really is nice SnS

You know, my personal rule is to use colour coordination.
So the color of the clothes would depend heavily on the girl''s complexion, hair colour (VERY important) and eyes.
Once you got that, you simply mix and match.

Say she has a pale complexion, light cinnamon blonde hair and brown eyes.
You could choose a dress with a mostly turquoise/green background with gold and silver patterns, with matching jewelry.
Depending on the green/blue tone you use, you could achieve something very summer like (bright green and blue and vivid gold embroidery) or something pale and cold making her much more, ethereal or something (pale green, lavander, silver embroidery).
For gemstones, use a color that matches with the background dominant (Say, topazes on silver if you had a mostly brown base colour. Or in our scheme above, very clear aquamarines, or turquoises on gold)

The best is to start by choosing the hair colour and the impression you want to give and go from there.
Gee, you are a girl, I feel all gay having to tell you this sort of things, now

Sancte Isidore ora pro nobis !

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Thanks, glad you like it!

Well, here''s what I ended up with:

>.< Coloring this reminded me all over again why I hate coloring on the computer. My arm hurts, my eyes hurt, and to top it off I managed to save over the high-res version where all the careful coloring of the eyelets actually mattered... [smoke coming out ears...]

Anyway, I do know that stuff about chosing the colors to complement the character or fit a culture or mood (personally, I usually match the gems to the eye color) I just couldn''t do that here because this girl doesn''t have a hair color or an eye color or a name or a culture. She''s just a blank I made so I had a female body to put clothes on, not really a character at all.

Anyway I''m going to play with rotating the colors now, maybe I''ll stumble on a combo that inspires me more.

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