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Furious George

errors displaying directx window on initialization

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Hi, i''m new to directx programming in VC++. I''ve visited some great sites and found one with version 9.0 code. I downloaded the basic tutorial from Drunken Hyena''s site and compiled it right away. When I run the program however a window pops on the screen then closes without giving me a chance to close it myself. Now, when I ran the program it created a log file that contains the following error data Running in windowed mode Failed to create the device : D3DERR_NOTAVAILABLE or if i''m running in full screen mode i get the following error: Running in full-screen dhFind16BitMode failed to find a usable mode Basically, I need some help to resolve this issue so the application will run on my system. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thankyou all in advance. Here is a link to the page with the info/source. Furious George

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