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A small problem with DInput and Intellimouse

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I''ve run into a small problem while using the mouse (Intellimouse Optical). The driver (v. 4.10) has a nice option of accelerating your pointer speed whenever you move the mouse a bit faster. But while using DirectInput in my app, (I use a "virtual pointer", that is I use SetCursorPos() in the beginning to synchronize the 2 pointers and then I draw a triangle using opengl in the coordinates of the real pointer) the 2 pointers (the normal windows pointer and mine) do not move in parallel. If a disable the aforementioned option everything is ok, but is there a way to use my program without disabling the acceleration? Or can I disable any mouse acceleration within my code? (Without having to rely on Right-Click Intellimouse icon... every time) I guess the problem lies because DirectInput talks directly to the mouse and the driver reports to windows. Thanks in advance.

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