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Cg Issue with Shaders :'(

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Cant get this right no matter what I do... Im using Cg and OpenGL, and I''ve got this model, a Teapot which gets correctly shaded by a single omni light source. The problem is that if the teapot is moved, the shading of the model ceases to be correct... So I have a small demo for download, if any would care to look at the shader code and edit it (the engine allows real-time editing and updating of the shader code). Colibri 3D - 1Mb - Shader Issue If I had money I would offer something to whoever helps me get this solved, but unfortunately im jobless right now, all I can offer is a place in the Credits Thanks to everyone who give out a helping hand in advance Salsa cooked it, your eyes eat it!
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The teapot looks good.
It is shaded like the unrotated teapot, because
you move the light with it.

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