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C++ I/O help needed...

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Hi, I am currently working on a 3D flocking application for my university project. But in order to give the user control over the flocks without having to look through the code I would like to use a text file where all relative data can be editied. When reading the file I am only interested in the values and not the text which is just there so that the user knows what he is changing. I have some understanding of file I/O but I would appreciate it if someone could maybe offer me some help of how I could solve this problem cause my books have not helped !!!! I want the file to look something like this... /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Flock1 { Number = 10 Max Speed = 2 Desired Speed = 1.5 Max Acceleration = 0.5 Perception Range = 20 Y-Axis Constraint = 0.5 Seperation Distance = 15 Max Boids Visible = 10 Color: red = 0 green = 200 blue = 0 } Flock2 { Number = 20 Max Speed = 1.0 Desired Speed = 0.5 Max Acceleration = 0.1 Perception Range = 30.0 Y-Axis Constraint = 0.99 Seperation Distance = 10 Max Boids Visible = 10 Color: red = 200 green = 0 blue = 0 } /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

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The simplest method would be to create an INI file using win32 functions to read back info: GetPrivateProfile Section, GetPrivateProfileString and GetPrivateProfileInt. The INI file presentation is very close to what you are looking for:
Key1 = data
Key2 = ...

Another method would be to code a simple file parser using filestreams and string streams: look at gamedev articles in the Languages section (Simple File I/O using C++).

Hope that helps.

Ghostly yours,
[EDIT: clarified a bit the INI file structure]

[edited by - Red Ghost on April 22, 2004 11:27:04 AM]

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