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Problem with shadowmapping when using asymmetric camera frustum

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Hello all, I have a problem with incorrectly rendered shadows when I divide a normal symmetric view-frustum into two; one bottom and one top half. The top view is ok, but in the bottom one, I get "striping" (looks like shadow overlaps the shadow texture). The normalized values for the bottom frustum are left = -0.5 right = 0.5 bottom = -0.5 top = -0.03 I''ve noticed that if I "move" the frustum up to b=-0.3, t=0.17, the shadows are ok. I''m using the projection matrix for the camera when I generate the texture coordinates, but I''ve tried having a normal, symmetrical projection matrix without luck. Are there any special concerns to consider when using a non-standard frustum like this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Cheers, Trond Arild

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