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texturing shapes made by D3DXCreate....

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i''m creating cubes and spheres and cones and all that good stuff via the cheap function, D3DXCreateSphere,Box,Cylinder,etc. And of course, by using these cheap functions, I have barely any control over what I create, and one of the things I need is a way to texture these shapes. I know I can access the vertex buffer, and texturing a cube may be easy, but how the heck would I texture a sphere? From what I''ve seen in the DX samples, all their spheres that are textured are loaded from X files, and all their spheres that are NOT textured are created from D3DXCreateSphere function. So unless I can mathemagically make a sphere instead of D3DXCreateSphere, I''m pretty stuck using boring, untextured spheres. Any help? Thanks a lot!

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You can clone the mesh to have texture coordinates, but of course they won''t be filled in. This makes sense since there are a variety of ways to texture a sphere.

Do a Google search for Texture Mapping Sphere and it should pull up quite a few sources.

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