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Possibly for singleton class to delete its reference?

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Hi, Ive got a singleton class, I don''t like leaving my reference undeleted. So is the code at the bottom an ok way of deleteing it? And would i still bother deleting the class declarration eg. MyClass single; single = MyClass::getInstance(); delete single; Do i call the delete single? Is that right? i havent got the code with me but its something like this:
class MyClass {
        delete reference;
    static MyClass reference;
    MyClass getInstance()
        if (referene!=NULL)
            reference = new MyClass();

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my singleton works something like this

Class1 *C = Class1::getInstance();
C = Class1::destroyInstance(); // returns null
Class1::destroyInstance(); directly

one problem with your way would be if you dont have the class reference at hand the code would look strange (but still work):

delete MyClass::getInstance();

It looks bad because nowhere do you call new MyClass... (inside the singleton, but not in the code using the singleton)

Also, I use the atexit hack, to always make sure that all my singletons is deleted before the program exits...

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your method does not make sense. The destructor will only be called when delete is called on an instance, or when a statically allocated instance goes out of scope. In other words, your singleton will never be destroyed, and if somehow it were, it would cause an infinite recursion.

Deleting singletons is a tricky subject. The most straightforward approach may well be to have a static destroyInstance() method, as Nine said.

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