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Clipping and rendering parts of a *.png image

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Clipping and rendering parts of a *.png image Hei, I am a beginner level game programmer and am trying to develop an RTS title using the Torque engine from GarageGames.com. I have gone through your excellent openGL tutorials. Thanks for the effort. I have a specific openGL question which I was hoping to get some tips/suggestions from you. Here is the problem. I have a 512 by 512 pixel size *.png image file. I can successfully load the image file into openGL and texture an openGL quad with this 2D image. But I have not figured out how I can clip parts of the image file that has already been loaded and render it to the quad. Say I want to clip the top left hand corner of the image file (64 by 64 pixels) and render it to the quad. How do I do that? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards Frederic

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If you need to display a rectangular area, can''t you just assign texcoords accordingly?
For complex shapes, you could use geometry to clip the image itself (it would take some care for complex shapes however).
Also mind the idea of using multitex to alpha-away parts of the image.

In the case of a 512x512 image in which you want to display only the 64x64 bottom-left part, the first method should be more than enough.
The others are just suggestions.

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