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Best method for store/rendering animations

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BTW, thanks to Supernat02 for his help with my texturing problem earlier... I got past that with sprites and now am looking for a bit of general design info... I have successfully written an MD3 parser into my app... (No, not another quake clone) but the format provides for some nice conversion options for my models... anyway, I am confused about a little piece of code I looked at to figure out the MD3 file format. This model viewer loads a fully animated md3 and draws it using directX, however as I have been under the impression from the MS directX documentation that the only real way to draw triangle lists efficently to the device is to use their VertexBuffer object. But when I looked at the model viewer, it is simply rendering each triangle with DrawPrimitive(1)... Reading up on it, the MS docs do say that creating a managed buffer is inefficient for rapidly changing lists. Where is the best place to allocate mesh data. Should I create a VertexBuffer and lock the resource copying my data into it, or should I store lists of vertexes (FVF) in app managed memory and point DrawPrimitive to the appropriate spot in my buffer? Also, what about the vertex normals. There is a lot of repeating data there (e.g. consistent normals for each frame) that would waste memory if I created a buffer of the correct FVF with all the model''s frames in one place. I can''t imagine it is efficient to create a FVF and continually write the appropriate triangle''s info and draw them one triangle at a time... (that amounts to sizeof(FVF) writes per triangle per frame when that data is pretty much static) I would love to have a discussion about this in this forum... Anyone who can offer their comments would be greatly appreciated...

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