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Python2.3.3, Blender 2.33 Unicode error

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I've run into a bit of a minor problem I can't really figure out. I have Python 2.3.3 installed on a Linux machine, and several Blender scripts written originally with Blender 2.32 and using the array module to pack data to a binary file. Earlier today, I upgraded to Blender 2.33, and now when I execute or import any Python file that imports array, I get the error
ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.3/lib-dynload/array.so: undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUSC2_FromUnicode
I only get this when importing .py files or modules within Blender; array works just fine from the run-time or from external scripts. I can temporarily fix it (hack hack) by copying array.so over from a Python 2.2 installation on another box; it gives me a run-time warning about version mismatch, but the scripts work perfectly. I dug about in the Python 2.3 README and on the websites (Blender, Elysiun and Python), but couldn't really find any information or configure options to fix this. Anyone have any ideas? edit: Nevermind. I dug around and found a configure option --enable-unicode that I set to ucs4 and that did the trick. Sorry for wasting space and bandwidth.
World of Golem [edited by - VertexNormal on May 7, 2004 4:45:15 AM]

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Original post by VertexNormal
Sorry for wasting space and bandwidth.
Actually, you just created a solution record that others can look to if they have a similar problem - provided it can be found.

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