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modal dialog box updates as fast as poss

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i have a modeless dialog box created thru a call to DialogBoxParam() with a dialog procedure func to handle messages.. however, when active, shouldn''t this dialog box wait for a message of some kind before handling a message, cos at the mo it just gobbles all my cpu up by seemingly looping thru my dialog proc function as fast as poss.. iv tried putting WaitMessage() in there.. but im kinda guessing any help wud b much appreicated thanks, Hybrid

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CreateDialogParam() doesnt use Get/PeekMessage functions at all, its all automated from what i can see, and the fact that my program dont have one

it starts off its message loop with a call the init the dlg box HWND:

INT_PTR nResult = DialogBoxParam(hInstance, MAKEINTRESOURCE(DLG_OPTIONS), hWnd, (DLGPROC)DialogProc, (LPARAM)&someparameter);

there is no peek/getmessage - all i need to do is provide a switch(message) statement on the UINT message parameter to figure out whats going on

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