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Stitch triangles not working on Raedon 9500 Pro but fine on GeForce2 GTS

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Hi everybody This is my very first post. So first of all thanks to everybody for making this forum so useful. I have taken a lot of tips from here recently. I have recently finished my D3D geo-mipmapping LOD terrain coding. I am having a problem when I try to run it on Raedon 9500 pro. It works fine on my GeForce2 card. But on 9500 pro, it would not render the stitch triangles (those needed between two different LODs). I am rendering sticthes by dynamically updating an index buffer for rendering triangle fans. On the 9500 pro, in order to make it work, I 'have' to enable n-patch mode. As soon as I do that, it starts behaving normally. I have expirmented with all vertex creation and locking flags .. no change. Also it seems that there is not way to disable n-patch mode. If you issue the call SetNPatchMode (..), it becomes enabled even if you set it in the driver that n-path mode be always off. Also what is the effect of specifying USAGE_NPATCH in vertex / index buffer creation time? 2. Related to LOD details, I have read here at couple of places that you force not to let the two adjascent LODs differ by more than one. Can anyone explain exactly how you do that? I was thinking it over and it seems to me that it can quickly get very recursive, trying to ensure this constraint? Thanks Ahmed Count your blessings before you count your problems. [edited by - AQ on May 7, 2004 8:22:18 PM] [edited by - AQ on May 7, 2004 8:23:19 PM]

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