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Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I''ve been into games for a while, and I''ve been trying to teach myself how to do 3d graphics, but this post isn''t about that. It''s about my new goal, to make a side scrolling platformer, wit 2d and 3d cel shaded graphics. But this is the problem, I know what i wanna do and all, but i don''t know how to go about doing it, I know it''s going to be a daunting task, considering I''m gonna be the only one working on it. What i need to know is what would be a good programming langaue to start learning (i''m very willing to put alot of time into learning it), since I''m gonna need a engine for the game to run on, and what kind of 3d program would be good to use for the modeling as well as animating them. Any and all help would help, even the smallest tidbits. But the biggest question is what exactly am i going to need to do this, other then alot of pateints and time? Thanks to anyone in advanved

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Personally, I''d suggest C++ for the programming aspect. Lots of libraries and such out there than you can use to help you along. I''d check out NeHe''s site (probably the first place that everyone that learns OpenGL goes ) at nehe.gamedev.net

I personally use 3d Studio Max for modeling, but I''ve heard a lot of good things about Blender and Milkshape3d (and they''re WAY less expensive )

If you''ve never done any programming before, the NeHe site probably isn''t going to make a lot of sense to you (though, feel free to check it out and see what he has available for you in the future.) If you go with C++, I''d advise purchasing this book


You can get a used copy exceedingly cheap from Amazon and it''s one of the best written computer books I''ve read. Hope that helps and keep posting on the forums as you need help. Good luck to you!

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