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Hit Detection/Meshes( mesh as ground? )

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VB6 perfered. But should be able to understand in c++ terms. I have been attempting to use the d3dx.intersect for hit detection on a mesh, for placement of my ''camera'' when moving. What I have been doing is using the y cord of my eye for the first perameter and - 7 of the y cord for the second. Then testing for a hit on the mesh and retrieving the distance. Once having the distance I attempt to readjust the distance, until the eye is at the proper height. It kind of works... but I appear to be missing a concept or something.First it does not always glide across the terrain as nicely as I had hoped.Sometimes where the terrain goes down , the view would go up instead or not change. There is also something weird with the distance itself that is ackward to me also.Maybe that can be explained, and how would I convert it to something more useful? ( yep, already know I should be testing hits for things such as slopes and walls ) Maybe I just need a better understanding of the function d3dx.intersect? or another option ?

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