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Direct Input and Dev-C++ Help Please?

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Hi, guys (and gals) I have a quick question. I recently switched to using Bloodshed Dev-C++ instead of MSVS++. I d/l'ed the DirectX SDK pack for Dev-C++ and set up my linker options manually to include all the libs that I was using under MSVS. So far so good, everything worked fine after a few casts on things that weren't required in MSVS. Enter DirectInput... Now I am trying to process user input and I am getting an error with the following line: LPDIRECTINPUT g_pd3dInput; ... //Setup Direct Input if ( FAILED (DirectInput8Create(hInst, DIRECTINPUT_VERSION, (const IID&)&g_pd3dInput, (LPUNKNOWN)NULL) ) ) I added the "(const II&)" cast because it was complaining about my parameter choices before. my compile log looks like: g++.exe -c Lights.cpp -o ../dev-c++/Lights.o -I"H:/INSTALLED_APPS/Dev-Cpp/include/c++" -I"H:/INSTALLED_APPS/Dev-Cpp/include/c++/mingw32" -I"H:/INSTALLED_APPS/Dev-Cpp/include/c++/backward" -I"H:/INSTALLED_APPS/Dev-Cpp/include" Lights.cpp: In function `INT WinMain(HINSTANCE__*, HINSTANCE__*, CHAR*, int)': Lights.cpp:367: no matching function for call to `_GUID::_GUID(IDirectInputA**) ' H:/INSTALLED_APPS/Dev-Cpp/include/winnt.h:1162: candidates are: _GUID::_GUID() H:/INSTALLED_APPS/Dev-Cpp/include/winnt.h:1162: _GUID::_GUID(const _GUID&) make.exe: *** [../dev-c++/Lights.o] Error 1 Execution terminated line 367 is the one in the first code listing. AFAIK I have all the static libs linked in. I have heard that there is a project template for directx9, I thought about that (maybe its the link order or something). Anyone got suggestions? ~omnisis [edited by - omnisis on May 7, 2004 12:24:34 AM]

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