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I was thinking, with all the MMORPGs being made, wouldn''t it be nice to have a Limited Multiplayer Online RPG? I suppose it would kind of be like Diablo, but there should be a DM (Dungeon Master) who can control the world, adding enemies and changing stuff as they see fit. Kind of like a pen and paper RPG, just on PC. Anyone know of any examples where this has been done? I''d like to look into it, and maybe implement a basic version for my final year uni project, which is coming up next year. Thanx. --------------------------------------- Let''s struggle for our dream of Game!

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Neverwinter Nights

Edit: Duh, sorry. Shot off the first thing that came to my mind again. NWN has a fairly good implementation of a DM interface. If you never played it, I suggest you get the Gold Edition which should be pretty cheap by now and have a look at it. If there was a crossover of NWN and Diablo (randomly generated dungeons, more RP than Diablo and more Hack&Slay than NWN), that'd be a hit I'd think.

Be aware though, that you can't make a closed-source computer game based on the d20 system. The license is really screwed up and explicitly forbids computer games.

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Personally, I think "LMORPG" is probably the way to go, since MMORPGs aren''t shaping up very well. I mean, unless you like making random friends and slashing up monsters all day long.

Anyways, don''t use D&D rules, they''re bad for PC games, since they were made for Pen and Paper. If anything, avoid rules outright and see if you can''t create Metarules that govern how the gameplay rules go. RPGMAKER style.

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