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Environment mapping: what if I change the viewpoint?

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(not sure the subject is clear enough.) First, hi everyone! I''ve got a problem using GL_SPHERE_MAP on my application... let me explain: I''m working on the simulation & rendering of the ocean. I draw a big big mesh in front of the camera, and I want it to reflect the sky... in other words my sky texture, which is juste blue sky with clouds. Using environment mapping with GL_SPHERE_MAP seemed to be the good idea, but all goes bad when I try to move the camera (yeah, I know in opengl you don''t "move the camera". I just glulookat, thanks ;-) ) So if I move the camera up and down (if I look up or down), it looks ok, but when I try to turn the camera left or right, the texture mapped on my ocean doesn''t change at all! I always see the same cloud on my ocean! :D :/ I''m kinda convinced it''s the way it''s meant to work, but that''s not how i want it to work! help! Seriously, if anyone can explain... thanks! (ha! it says "Store my login information on my PC"... I''ve got a mac, you insensitive clod! )

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Could you tell a bit more? Like what are you using for the water? Pixel shaders? Then why dont you show some code of how you get the eye vector and the reflected vector?

It really should be real simple:

(In world space)

1) eye_vector = vertex(or pixel)_position - eyeposition;
2) reflected_vector = reflect(eye_vector,normal); //there is this really cool reflect function in Cg i dont know the math behind it, so if youre doing the reflecing manually, you may have got something wrong there
3) out_color = texSPHERE(Sky,reflected_vector);

[edited by - Bouga on May 8, 2004 2:15:57 PM]

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