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Returning a pointer to a structure, what is return type?

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hi everyone, just having a problem, i have a structure in the class declaration and i want to write a breif inline fuinction that simpley returns a pointer to thatstructure.
			UINT				l_BackBufferWidth;
			UINT				l_BackBufferHeight;
			D3DFORMAT			l_BackBufferFormat;
			UINT				l_BackBufferCount;
			D3DMULTISAMPLE_TYPE l_MultiSampleType;
			DWORD				l_MultiSampleQuality;
			D3DSWAPEFFECT		l_SwapEffect;
			BOOL				l_Windowed;
			BOOL				l_EnableAutoDepthStencil;
			D3DFORMAT			l_AutoDepthStencilFormat;
			DWORD				l_Flags;
			UINT				l_FullScreen_RefreshRateInHz;
			UINT				l_PresentationInterval;
		} l_PresentParams;

void ReturnParams() {return &l_PresentParams;}

Just trying to figure out what the return type is for the function, ie where void is written. thanx in advance, dave

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Well, it''s a PPSETTINGS*...

Assuming your question was "what should this return instead of void" and not "what happens if I return a pointer to a PPSETTINGS structure when the function is declared as void".

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In true C (i.e. NOT C++) it should be:

As of C++, struct became optional.

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