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Help with Functions

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Hello! I''ve been working on a program assignment for hours now and can''t figure out what''s wrong with it and I''m becoming extremely frustrated!!! The compiler says there are no errors as is, but when I run it, the functions that I''m trying to call don''t work. Any help? (Go easy on me- I''m barely a beginner!) #include <stdlib.h> #include <iostream.h> #include <conio.h> // Funtion Prototypes // double CalcSavings (double principal, double real_rate, long num_years); void ReportFindings (double principal, double rate, long num_years, double savings); double CalcSavings (double principal, double real_rate, long num_years) { if (num_years == 0) return 1; if (num_years == 1) return principal; else { int counter; double savings= principal; for (counter = 0; counter < num_years - 1; counter++) savings = principal *( 1 + real_rate); return savings; } } void ReportFindings (double principal, double real_rate, long num_years, double savings) { cout << "Based on your initial investment of:" << principal << endl ; cout << "and an annual return rate of :" << real_rate << endl; cout << "for " << num_years << "years, the total return is:" << savings << endl; } int main () { int sims; double principal, real_rate, savings; long num_years; cout << "How many simulations would you like me to complete?"; cin >> sims; int counter; for (counter = 0; counter <= sims -1; counter++) { cout << "Please enter your principal:"; cin >> principal; cout << "Please enter annual interest rate:"; cin >> real_rate; cout << "Please enter the number of years:"; cin >> num_years; if (( principal < 0) || ( real_rate < 0) || (num_years < 0)) cout << "I''m sorry, you have entered an illegal input parameter." <

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You are calling your functions wrongly in your main program. You''re just declaring them again, when in fact you need to call them.

Don''t redefine the arguments in your function, replace them with the variables you got from the user, via cin.

Where you have
double CalcSavings (double principal, double real_rate, long num_years);

call it just by using

So you''d do
CalcSavings(principal, real_rate, num_years);

Your other function you need to modify in a similar way.

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