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OpenGl Tile-Based Level-Editor

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Hey all, I have started making my first tile-based editor, and have run into a problem. What i want to know is a good way to change the tile you are placing , an example ... DrawTile(TILES[0].getTileX(),TILES[0].getTileY()); DrawTile(TILES[1].getTileX(),TILES[1].getTileY()); DrawTile(TILES[2].getTileX(),TILES[2].getTileY()); case VK_CONTROL: TILES[state].setTileX(movx); TILES[state].setTileY(movy); state += 1; break; With the code i am using i can place 49 Ground tiles (DrawTile) And what i want to know is what would be a good way to switch to Placing SkyTiles (DrawSky(floatx,floaty))

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