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Benefitting from a dual-monitor system for debugging?

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After a long time of doing all my debugging of (full-screen) Windows software via Windowing my DirectX apps, and extensive log-files, I finally got around to getting a DVI-VGA adapter so I could plug an old monitor into the second socket of my video card (Radeon 9800 Pro). The old method of debugging still works fine, and my Game Engine has now been debugged for working on multiple adapters and monitors...but... The main reason I went to dual-monitor was to debug my full-screen applications with the debugger on the second screen while the game was on the main monitor. Unfortunately, but logically, the main monitor is also where my Visual Studio resides when I'm coding. In the past (using remote debugging), you had a separate debugger which lived on the second screen, but since the debugger is and integral part of Visual Studio (.NET 2003), the full-screen game is appearing over VS when it starts. Is there any way of telling Visual Studio to move to the second monitor while in debugging mode? At the moment, I have to 'send' the VS to the second monitor prior to doing a test run, and move it back to the main monitor when I've finished - not exactly efficient. Can anyone help - is there a setting or free add-on I can use in VS to get it to work as I envisage? Thanks in advance, Yours, Archimage (Ann-Marie Ratcliffe) [edited by - Archimage on May 10, 2004 3:38:44 AM]

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