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Float-returning function failure

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I''m working on a pretty simple scripting engine, one of the features of which is calling functions that recide in the compiled EXE from scripts. Everything was working perfect until I recoded the system to use floating point math instead of integer. After a little debugging though, most of the problems were solved, but one specific problem had me completely baffled - it is impossible to get functions to return any sensible value! Take a look at the following images: This is inside the function I called from a script. The parameters passed to it is one float that just gets returned again, and one pointer to void, which is the identifier of the calling script. Here we have returned from the function and as you can see, the function being called is the correct one. Since passing arguments to functions works just fine, I decided not to include a screenshot of it. This is at the same point as the last screenshot, but shows that tmp now has a totally insane value. EAX has a value somewhere around 3.4 billion, viewed as an integer and 3.4359739e+009 when viewed as a float. I have absolutely no idea what''s going on here. Is the compiler playing some joke on me here or have I missed something totally obvious?

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