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Beta testing: MoleBox Pro exe packer

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Good day everybody! published a beta version of MoleBox Pro, new version of our exe packer MoleBox. We welcome any opinions about this new software! Download link: Web site: Games often use a lot of exclusive media content: images, 3d-models, sounds and so on. How to protect the media for unauthorized use? Here comes MoleBox. MoleBox Pro allows you to link all the files your application requires into a single exe file. When packed with Molebox Pro, you media and data files are protected from prying eyes, and your DLLs cannot be used by third party programs. Moleboxed prorram works just like the original one, without any additional coding. Molebox Pro will help you to: - Create one or multiple packages for an application. - Protect your media files, data files and DLLs from unauthorized access. - Manage level packs, add-ons, updates, patches minimizing their file size. - Compress and encrypt your application and all the files it requires. - Embed DLLs into exe files. - Secure application integrity and avoid DLL conflict. - Make program cracking extremely difficult. MoleBox Pro supports applications created with Intel C++, Microsoft Visual C++, Borland C++, Borland Delphi, Microsoft Visual Basic, Blitz Basic. [edited by - olgalirk on May 10, 2004 5:42:24 AM]

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Next week we''ll also release a ''lite'' version with the basic functionality (no DLLs, no extra packages) for a half price.

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