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quest for best slogan

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Hi, Can You say what You like more: 1. Move with Games 2. Don''t Leave Your Phone Without Games 3. Touch the Mobile Games. 4. Making Mobile Games You Like 5. Making Mobile Games You Love 6. Keep on playing 6. Keep on playing anywhere Our company developing mobile games. Thanks.

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Well then. Consider when do people play mobile games. Either when they have nothing else to do and want to play here and now, or if they are in a stressing situation but may still play. But what the *want to hear* is the possibiliy of freedom.

1.You don''t come to play the game.

2.Your favourite game is a pocket away.

3.Games. No computer necesary.

4.(With a picture of someone playing Bomberman on his PC)
Now you don''t have to plant the bomb in your room.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
The ability to play games at any time and anywhere is certainly appealing. But it''s about an integrated lifestyle: the depth of your social life is measured in Flash ROM taken by the Contact list. A snazzy car is no longer your signature when pulling out in front of a hip bar. It''s your phone''s ringtones and looks that is now making heads turn. It''s the type of games you play and how you play them that attracts the crowds. No stopping. No wires. No attachment. No rules. Total freedom.

Some ad ideas:

1. Get a life! ... and more ammo!
2. The Calling (Fantasy RPG)
3. Dial 0 for Murder
4. What''s your [call] sign?
5. Tired of Call-Waiting?

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Thanks to all!

We have creat quest for best slogan here

Please if You have time vote for best You like.

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