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Brick Rendering and Collision

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Hi all, i''m creating a very simple breakout clone. At present i have created the windows, used a vertex buffer and mapped a texture onto it to create the bat. I can get movement of the bat from left to right and the view matrix was predefined for me so that is also working. However, i am wondering how i am going to get the ball and bricks to interact. At present there is no ball, but i am pretty certain i can rustle up something and get a moving ball. The collision detection with the edge of the screen i can also do. However all examples i have seen of this game are old examples using brushes etc, and i cannot seem to get brushes and pens and vertex buffers to co-exist, to many device handles, and generally get myself confused. What i really need are ideas on how to create 3 lines of blocks, each line of a different colour. Say 10 to a line? and then how to destroy individual blocks when the ball hits them. I had a look at some code by PhilVaz but again this is all brushes and pens. i am in no doubt it all works, but i need to do this using vertex buffers and direct3d. Preferably dx8.1 methods and functions even though i have dx9 installed. If you have any ideas on this please post, its probably really simple, but i just dont know where to start with the blocks. Thanks.

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I have thought about drawing them, and would draw both ball and bricks as i can make code to destroy bricks upon collision if its just pens and brushes etc.

However, because the bat is drawn using a vertex buffer and a texture. I was hoping to be able to draw the blocks as a textures also, but it is not neccessary...please help as i have scoured these forums and there are literally no examles of this in action for Direct3D, only for pre DX8 material. As i said....any clues, and ideas, no matter how simple.

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