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DX Basics Clarification

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Hey, I''m just getting into learning 3d programming after finally getting everything else in my life in order. I needed some help understanding some of the conceptual ideas of how the rendering process works. My main question is what''s the easiest way to organize your world''s data? what data will an "entity" contain? is it as simple as each "entity" having a list of vertices? if so, what''s the easiest way to pass that list into the device for rendering? Does each "entity" have it''s own vertex buffer? Does an "entity"''s list of vertices simply reference a subset of vertices contained in a "master" vertex buffer? What is a simple "entity" class design I could use? As you can probably tell, these questions reveal that I''m pretty ignorant about the way all of this works. I''ve got some simple tests up and running (ie. a box spinning, a triangle moving about by way of the keyboard), but I can''t seem to piece it all together in a system that I could use for more complex examples such as having multiple entities on screen, and (eventually) interacting with each other. And in case it comes up, I don''t want to use an existing game engine, I''d like to come up to speed on the basics first. Thanks for any help Joel Martinez http://www.codecube.net/

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A lot of people load meshes in different objects than the game-objects. When the game-objects need to get rendered, the renderer looks up which mesh the game-object uses and then renders it.
This way, multiple game-objects can use the same mesh.

If this is what your question is..

You''re Welcome,
Rick Wong

- sitting in his chair doing the most time-consuming thing..

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