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JITable Script backend

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Hoi ho, I''ve got my script engine now loaded with a JIT! Yipper. But I run into a few snags. I am using SoftWire, but the way I have done things, it is harder to use the allocator''s than to manage the registers myself My script language VM is based on a stack machine. Yep yep, because it is incredibly easy, because I am now the master of making fast stack based VMs :-) Also because, the compiler is almost straightforward to assemble to a stack VM. But, the X86 does not easily work with the way I have things. Currently I am dumping out the intermediate code pretty much like the stack eval, but as you guessed it''s not really great. Oik, well, on everything but loops the code generated by my JIT matches everything that VC 7.1 does (except that vc can do some things as intrinsics like printf, etc). The problem is loops. The problem, is that I do not quite understand yet how to walk the parse tree to assemble effcieintly to x86 code. I need advice on how to build a better backend etc I do not have much money for expensive books right now, and I can not find alot of info on Google either. Peace->out

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