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C# OpenGL lib's

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Ok, I''ve played with c++ and opengl and actually got a reasonable handle on the win32 api. Now having said that, I''ve been reading posts from these forums and others regarding c# and OGL, had a bit of a play and I really like C# (learning c++ first was a BIG help). Just to give a bit of background, I''m not that interested in animation or rendering (just yet) as I''d like to build a 3D modeller/cad application to model objects and then draw them as 2D later for manufacturing. Therefore, I don''t think speed is of that much importance (compared to games ) and to get something up fast, I think C# is the way to go for me. I need complete control over my modelled objects for ''grips'', dimensions etc and ''try'' to implement some boolean algo''s so glut etc, or existing modelling engines are of no use to me (I think?). Anyway, there are a few lib''s out there to use with C# but I really just need a basic interface with std gl*** calls etc and this is the best I have found so far. http://www.colinfahey.com/opengl/csharp.htm What do the experts think of this approach and this particular bit of code? Thanks in advance. Micko

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I haven't tried it myself yet, but I know of following library: Tao Framework For .NET
Looks like this could be what you're looking for?
The Tao Framework for .NET is a collection of bindings to facilitate cross-platform game-related development utilizing the .NET platform.

Currently supported are OpenGL 1.5, GLU 1.3, GLUT 3.7.6, WGL, various GL and WGL-related extensions, OpenAL 1.0, Cg 1.2.1, DevIL 1.6.6, SDL 1.2.7, and GLFW 2.4.2.

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