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Java port of Skeletal Animation Tut

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Hi first post, I am currently trying to port the excellent Brett Porter Skeletal Animation Tutorial from C++ to Java using OpenGL bindings. I have completed the loader but when I try to animate the Model, the Model arms,legs, and body seem to have been strecthed. Also the head seems to be coming out the models head. I have looked at my code and I have seemed to hit the Coders equivalent of writers block with this problem. Heres what the model looks like with no Animation no Animation. And heres what the model looks like with Animation Animation. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance Brian

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Reverse the loading of rotation and translation keyframes - it should be translation before rotation. The example has them backwards. I had the same exact problem, and it took me several days to figure out what was going wrong.

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Thanks for the reply I tried your Idea out, and unfortunally it didn't work. I fooled around with my code a wee bit taking out lines and putting print statements and I found out if I take out the line that sets the initial Relative Matrix in the Setupjoints method I get this


As you can see my Model is doing a good impression of Michael Jackson or somebody like that

Could it be a problem with my Translation Method in My Matrix class ?

public void setTranslation(float[] translation){
m_matrix[12] = translation[0];
m_matrix[13] = translation[1];
m_matrix[14] = translation[2];

My Matrix class has an Array of 16 floats m_matrix.

Thanks again

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