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Problems with Mipmap and texture translations

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I have this problem with texture translations beeing moved with different speeds depending on the face's distance from the camera, and i havn't found a way around this. I could turn of mipmapping The textures are translated by deltaTime, but this dosn't help me much... Is there a way to get what "level" of mipmap a texture currently has? I was thinking i could hack (one more in the box) some kind of equation to translate the texture with different speeds depending on the mipmap level... Asch, i don't know. Any help or suggestion to what i can do is higly appreciated. EDIT: Oh, and one more problem. The texture seem to translate with different speed depending on if i look directly upon the face or not. I have no idea of what *this* might be. The mipmap problem? Frustum calculations? Theories, anyone? [edited by - Android_s on May 18, 2004 2:37:16 PM]

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