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Texture repeating excessively with CAMERASPACEREFLECTIONVECTOR

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Hi, I''m using DX8 and I''ve got a problem with the CAMERASPACEREFLECTIONVECTOR texturestagestate setting for texcoordindex (I''m using this to get a ''reflective surface'' sfx going) The problem seems to be that if the model I''m texturing scales down then the texture becomes repeated excessively. Logically this makes sense since the CAMERASPACEREFLECTIONVECTOR applied to the mesh''s texture co-ords will become outside the 0-1 range as the mesh scales down. I''ve played with the addressu/addressv settings, but none of them solve the basic problem. Does anyone else have an idea for what I should investigate next? Always prey on the weak, the timid and the stupid. Otherwise you''ll just get your butt kicked
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