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Original post by Vampyre_Dark
How do I post clickable links? I tried [url] and HTML code.

Just click edit or quote on my post and look at the way to do it:
Relo link

- WarbleWare

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Thanks. I forgot the quotes. Oops. *redface* I''m trying it out now for the first time. Someone on sourceforge posted it as an alternative to DevC++ and I''m checking it out.

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Original post by antareus
Oh man, if they want any hope of being taken seriously I hope they quit it with the gaudy-as-all-get-out sky background on the toolbar.

I hate that toolbar.. They''d better adopt a normal looking/sized one for sure..

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Isn't that a Windows XP Toolbar GUI options? I'm not seeing it here. I've seen that "TOOLBAR SKIN" type option in other apps I've had.

Anyways, since no one seems to have used it, here's my take on it after about an hour of fooling around with it. I'm comparing this to DevC++ 5. I don't use the MS IDEs so I can't say anything there.


- On the first run, it recognized my DevC++ install, and it knew MinGW was there in a sub folder. So I didn't have to point it to my compiler.
- Ability to get rid of all the toolbars. (Good, I hate them.)
- Nicer handling of changing editor colors than DevC++.
- Lots of different new project templates. (windows, gtk, wxwindows, allegro, mySQL, etc..)
- Different Syntax Highlighting styles. (20)
- More organised Project Manager window than DevC++.


- Help file locations are hardcoded in it seems. The Windows API help selection points to "C:\program files\borland\xxx\x\x\x\". No good since I don't have Borland.
- No check boxes for compiler options.
- Can't change the ouput folders of your .obj and .exe files.


- Can't seem to change the names of the auto-generated files.
- Picking "RUN" from the menu will relink your program before running, wether or not you have changed anything.
- Hitting compile doesn't save your files first. You have to save them manually. Hitting CTRL-S brings up the "Save As" dialog instead f just saving them. So you end up having to confirm them all.
-EDIT- (Even more uglies)
- Your new project files will get created in the temp folder.
- Trying to run the window form/diaglog editor does NOTHING. (Which is the reason I DLed this to start)

Bah, this is just about to work it's way off my hard drive as fast as it got onto it.

[edited by - Vampyre_Dark on May 19, 2004 1:48:59 PM]

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